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  • What is TiBi.tv?

    TiBi.tv is a patent-pending social commerce influence engine that is integrated with existing and emerging SmartTV (internet ready) televisions and devices. With our patented On-Screen Remote Browser (the ORB) TiBi.tv viewers stay in-stream and gain access to relevant, targeted, just-in-time information, socialization and purchasing.

    At a glance

    For the consumer

    Simply, TiBi.tv lets you buy anything on any screen from the comfort of your remote control.

    For the industry

    There are two goals for television advertisers. First, your advertisement finds its target audience and second that it create sales. TiBi.tv turns advertising into entertaiment via the single most ubiquitous global technology - the television.

    • Digital Living Room

      10/3/11 TiBi.tv CEO David Windhausen and TiBi.tv inventor and CIO Doug Richards will present at the Digital Living Room Conference in San Diego on 12/8. The invitation was earned by TiBi.tv co-founder Jeff Danley who is globally recognized for his patent work creating SprintTV.

    • Google Gigabit Challenge

      12/1/11 The Gigabit Challenge challenged 113 global startups to present unique, disruptive technology that could be powered by Google's first-in-the-nation 1 Gigabit Fiber network. TiBi.tv is proud to be selected as one of the 10 global semi-finalists for this unique competiion.

    • TiBi.tv earns patents

      9/13/11 TiBi.tv has been granted patent-pending status; the first for the ORB™ (the social commerce engine) and the second for Impulse Advertising platform.

  • The Future is Now

    The idea

    TiBi.tv lets viewers interact and purchase instantly from their favorite shows at full price (bag) or a crowd driven discount (tag).

    3 keys

    TiBi.tv orchestrates three keys to success: the consumer, the content creator and the advertiser.

    Why invest?

    Our first round raise of $5 million looks to return a 6x payback.

    Did you know?

    Over 50% of the US population will have at least one internet-ready TV in their home by 1/1/12.

    3 keys cont.

    TiBi.tv coordinates the content creator, the advertiser and the consumer.


    Our primary revenue (GP) is based on capturing 1% of 1% of the US E-Commerce market (y1 = $16.5M)

    Year 5 and beyond

    Although our primary revenue model limits us to just 1% of 1% of the US total ecommerce spend we have identified three more areas of income - accessible immediately - that we aren't including in these projections.

    Your Return

    We predict a ROI return within the first 16 months.


    The team - via patents and experience TiBi.tv has the capability of being a multi-billion dollar company in it's first few years.

    Emerging Markets

    The global economy is looking for a shot in the arm - something to refuel the economy - TiBi.tv is that. With our engine we will change commerce and television forever.

    Our Team

    Our team of 8 ranges from 28-60, holds as a collective 5 patents, has started 40+ companies, raised in excess of $8 mil in VC, earned over $800 million in revenue and is completely prepared to create and run TiBi.tv.

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  • Press Releases

  • TiBi.tv

    TiBi.tv provides a unique mechanism for interacting with a targeted audience of prospects. By delivering ads, information, polls, and other call-to-action prompts to a self-selected group of interested viewers, and wrapping those informational prompts in a social context, Tibi.tv combines the "holy grail" of marketing: targeted, on-demand, non-interruptive, and immediate call-to-action to a self-selected audience of demographically attractive, motivated purchasers. TiBi.tv is characterized by the following key concepts:

    • • Impulse Advertising™
    • • Social Commerce
    • • Social Co-ops™
      • Impulse Advertising™ incorporates a consumer's natural buying tendencies and impulses into an environment that connects the viewer with products, services, and information that the consumer is truly interested in. By enabling the presentation of tightly-focused ads and information to an audience that has already indicated, by its choice of programming, its interest in the niche or topic being viewed, Tibi.tv finally ends the scatter-shot, undifferentiated, "hope-for-the-best" style of advertising. Tibi.tv allows advertisers to "embed" relevant product advertising directly into the content stream, taking advantage of the content selection made by the prospect. Through certain statistical analytics of TiBi.tv (described later), Impulse Advertising™ leads to more targeted and effective campaigns for advertisers, leading to enhanced revenue generation.

        Social commerce is the act of interacting with affiliated groups using a social web platform,

        such as Twitter or Facebook. However, social commerce is currently limited by its inability to effectively conduct transactions on any screen. Additionally, the current reach of social commerce is limited by the buy-in from the advertising industry. TiBi.tv reverses the advertising equation by giving users on-demand commerce of their choice; the user begins to program their own advertising content based upon what they watch, when, how, for how long, what they buy and how they interact.

        A Social Co-op™ is a group of individuals brought together virtually by a common interest in some particular subject (e.g., Old Spaghetti Westerns) or specific content (e.g., The Good, The Bad and the Ugly) who have the opportunity to engage in various social activities (games) to the benefit of the entire group. These activities may include: group discounting for a product or service based upon some advertiser-defined time limit and multiple volume ranges (10-20, 21-50, 51-100, etc.). More participants results in a lower cost per item; trivia games that result in discounts or other incentives, etc.

        TiBi.tv call-to-action prompts can result in two broad types of responses by a viewer:

        TagIt – indicates that the viewer is interested in some item, but wants to store it for later consideration. This is similar to a traditional online shopping cart on an ecommerce web site. If enabled by the underlying advertiser and content provider, a TagIt response may also result in an opportunity for a group buying game within a Social Co-op™. For example, a family of four is watching a show on a popular food channel. The father may decide that he's interested in the tie the host is wearing, if available for purchase he can add it to a shopping cart (BagIt). However, if he feels it's priced too high he can initiate a 'game of tag' (TagIt). This game will start by distributing on-screen alerts to other viewers within his Social Co-op™ – both live and non – with an invitation to play at securing the retailers best price. If enough players join his game of tag the price will then be reduced based on limits input by the advertiser and content provider. So, a $100 neck tie may be tagged by 1000 people that all agree to pay for the item at a reduced rate; $79.95.

        BagIt – indicates that the viewer wants to buy the item immediately. During that same viewing session, the mother is interested in creating the dish being demonstrated on screen. Periodically throughout the broadcast the viewer is presented with on-screen pop-ups encouraging her to purchase a variety of product combinations, (e.g. gift baskets, books, a bundle of ingredients, cookware, etc.) which she can click to review, buy instantly via a pre-authorized checkout, tag for later consideration or ignore. She purchases these products using standard back-end ecommerce technology; a secure login authenticates her as a trusted user. So, once logged in, she can instantly purchase (BagIt) without ever having to leave her show. This may be authorized by a TiBi.tv bank account, a credit card or any other payment method available. Periodically the system will undergo random user authentication to verify payment methods as an additional layer of fraud prevention.

        In addition, the viewers may also choose to – at any time - review all the products offered for sale by the show. Viewers will also be presented with a 'credits' list at the end of the broadcast with all products for sale revealed. TiBi.tv provides the best of both worlds – relevant product advertisement alerts in real-time and product advertisement summaries available at anytime during or at the end of the broadcast.